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Foster Program

Can't adopt but see one that tugs your heartstrings? You can still help!

Our Mallies need your time and attention (for walking, play time, grooming)! Donations of equipment such as large dog houses, 10' x 6' kennel panels, leashes, collars, and warm blankets are also appreciated. Funds to help with food, vet expenses, and transportation costs are always welcome. Please see our sponsorship options and Thanks!

Right now we have a very limited number of safe houses (foster homes) available to our rescue Malamutes, but we hope to soon have as many as 20 of these homes at the ready throughout Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming. These safe houses provide orphaned Malamutes with socialization, training, and monitoring of any medical conditions that may need to be addressed before they can be adopted out to a forever home.

If you are interested in fostering for MMR, do contact us and we will walk you through the foster home application process. Be prepared, though, as we have some very stringent rules, but that is because we know our breed very well, and know what they require to keep them happy and contained, so please try to be patient with our fussiness. While our dogs are in foster care we continue to provide for their expenses, you just provide the structured, loving environment that they need to thrive.

Foster Application
(450k fillable PDF form)

Fur-Ever Foster Program

Please help Moonsong by sponsoring a Fur-Ever Foster! Fur-Ever Fosters are special needs Malamutes, who, due to medical problems, age, or even cosmetic or behavioral issues will never be adopted. These sweet but imperfect Mals will live out their lives in foster care with Moonsong volunteers, and we need your help to make them as comfortable, healthy, and happy as possible.

Please Note: We don't have any Fur-Ever Foster dogs in our rescue at this time, however, we do have a number of older rescues that have been in rescue quite awhile and do need some extra medicine or supplements, so your donation is always welcome!

Please click the PayPal "Donate" button below to make a one time donation to the Fur-Ever Foster Fund. Your donations are tax deductible! You can specify the foster of your choice on the PayPal site. Or please consider sponsoring the monthly care of a specific Fur-Ever Foster Mal by joining our Fur-Ever Foster Program. Thank you for helping us with our special needs Mals!

Miss Smokie begging

Fur-Ever Foster Program-
$30 per month

Select Fur-Ever Foster Malamute

Fur-Ever Foster Program -
$60 per month

Select Fur-Ever Foster Malamute

Gone But Not Forgotten - The following foster dogs crossed the bridge before finding their fur-ever homes. May they all run free now...


Size: Large
Age: Senior
Gender: Female
Breed: Alaskan Malamute, Husky mix

Update: 4/21/14 - Louise got suddenly severely ill and was in a lot of pain. She had numerous tumors and it was decided to let the poor sweet girl go. RIP Louise.

I’d like to introduce you to Thelma and Louise!  Moonsong recently brought these sweet senior ladies into their care.  They were running out of time at a shelter after being brought in as strays. 

It’s hard to comprehend how anyone could abandon these two sweet dogs.  I’ve discovered they are rock solid housebroken, sit for their meals (instantly at the same time, it is so cute!), and are very well adjusted.  After having them in my home for a while, I would guess Louise may be a first litter puppy of Thelma’s.  Their mannerisms and actions make us think so, but of course we’ll never know for sure.   As their foster mom, I am falling head over heels in love with them!

Both of these dogs are healing very well from surgeries; every day that passes, the better they feel!  They have hearty appetites and love spending time outside in the dog yard when it’s warm.   If you love the seniors, and would enjoy giving one or BOTH of these easy to care for sweethearts a warm and caring home in their twilight years; I promise you will be greatly rewarded.  I’ve not regretted one minute bringing them home with me.  They are adorable!  Thelma is the mellower of the two, preferring to hang out and enjoy her comforts.  Louise is turning into quite the character!  She is playful and lively, and loves to practice her “play bows”. 

At some time in their past, someone cared because they are both spayed.  They have been micro-chipped and are up to date on all shots.  They would so much appreciate a forever home and family.  Will it be yours? 

P.S. One other thing I’ve noticed since we’ve taken them into our care; they’ve quit asking for the keys to the convertible!


Size: Large
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Breed: Alaskan Malamute/Chow mix

Update: 5/20/12 - Copper was declining and eventually stopped eating and lost his love for life. It was decided to let the sweet boy go. RIP Copper.

Hi, my name is Copper, and I am a Chow-a-Mute. I was found wandering alone in the streets, and when Animal Control picked me up, they called the number assigned to my micro chip. My people told them they had never heard of me! Not only was I heartbroken, but thus began a very harrowing period where it was whispered that if I was not adopted, I would be sold to a vet school, and they would do experiments on me. As my time ticked away, I was afraid I might spend my last days strapped to a table being tortured. Then a lady came, saying she was with Moonsong. I sing at the moon, and I told them so, and so they took me away. Now I am not all Mal, but I am a dapper red and white gentleman with a sweet and playful disposition. I am housebroken, and know the commands sit, down, paw, and bow. I walk nicely on a leash and of course load up in the car. I have only two faults, I need to be the King of my new domain, so I won’t do well with other pets, and I am on a low dose of Soloxine for a mild thyroid condition. Please make my dreams of car rides and a loving home of my own come true, I have been waiting for oh so long.


Size: Large
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Breed: Alaskan Malamute

Update: 3/27/12 - Cleo was diagnosed with kidney failure and it was decided to let the sweet girl go. RIP Cleo.

Hi! My name is Celestial Cleopatra Star, or Cleo for short and boy, do I need my stars to align! I have been in rescue for a very long time and I long for a happy new home with someone who really will love me as much as I will love you back. I can melt your heart when I gaze at you with my twinkle-y brown eyes and whisper sweet woo-woo’s in your ear. I love veggie snacks, tummy rubs, walks, lazy Sundays, playing in the water, or lying on the lawn gazing up at the stars I was named for with you. I am very spry for an older gal and I still love to rough house. I even still play bow to try and get you to chase me. If that’s not spry, I don’t know what is! I would probably be happiest as an only pet but may be okay with a VERY mellow male companion and will need careful introductions to other dogs. Will I spend the rest of my days watching the younger Mallies get their new humans while I am left behind just because I’m a little older, or are you the one that knows that love is what matters, no matter how long we might be able to share it?


Size: Medium
Age: Senior
Gender: Female
Breed: Alaskan Malamute (mix)
Update: 11/9/11 - Sierra - or Sara, as her foster mom called her, crossed over the bridge peacefully at age 16. RIP Sierra Sunshine.

Hi to you all! l am a lovely, mature, sweet Mal-a-nuff named Sierra Sunshine. I get along well with people, including smaller children, other dogs (including little dogs), and cats. I am afraid of really loud noises like thunder and fireworks, so I do need to be kept inside when that sort of racket is happening. I am content to spend the rest of my life with my foster mom and her pack, since I'm nearly 16 and am kind of a couch potato.


Size: Large
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Breed: Alaskan Malamute

Update: 12/7/10 - Scout had a malignant tumor that had come back after surgery with a vengence. It was decided to let the sweet boy go. RIP Scout.

Hi! My name is Scout. I am a handsome adult male Malamute whose long-time human died, leaving me all alone. I am very sad to have lost my friend and the only home I have ever known. Rescue took me in, but I have been here in the Moonsong emergency rescue kennels a very long time, almost 2 years. Although I have been in rescue for a while now, I am an optimist and will not to lose hope that I can find a new home and some new people to love ‘cause I’ve got a whole lot of love to give. I am very affectionate and can’t wait to be petted, hugged and have my great big adorable ears rubbed. I was a house dog before, and had all the love and attention any dog could want, but there are 7 other foster dogs here. My foster family does the best they can for me, but I get very sad sometimes, not having anyone to look out just for me. I really miss living in the house with my human. I am well trained, house broken, and great on a leash, and I do very well on a Springer attached to a bike. Do you need a companion for those hikes in the hills? I am your boy! Do you want a pal to snuggle with and watch TV? I am your boy! I am ready for you and all the love, fun and adventure you have to offer. I need to be the man of the house, but I can to go to a home with a mellow female dog, and please no cats or small children. I am neutered, current on inoculations, and micro chipped. Will I spend the rest of my life in a kennel, or will someone love me again?



Size: Large
Age: Senior
Gender: Female
Breed: Alaskan Malamute

Update: 7/1/10 - Kiana had a returning inoperable tumor, so it was decided to let her go, sweet girl. RIP Kiana.

Hi, I am Kiana (Ki Ki), a mostly white Alaskan Malamute with pretty biscuit trimmings. My former owners adopted me from a local Humane Society, but had to move to a military base where I was not allowed to go. So, I have lost my home for the second time in my life, and am quite sad about it. I live in a foster pack of 5 other dogs and get along with everyone. I am a loving, sweet, mellow companion dog who likes belly rubs, car rides, and walks. I will spend the rest of my life with Moonsong since I'm not getting any younger and have developed some health issues that aren't getting any better.

A Poem to My Foster Dog
by Diane Morgan
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