Moonsong Malamute Rescue Suzie Walter baths a rescue Mal.


Can't adopt but see one that tugs your heartstrings? You can still help!

Our Mallies need your time and attention (for walking, play time, grooming)! Donations of equipment such as large dog houses, 10' x 6' kennel panels, leashes, collars, and warm blankets are also appreciated. Funds to help with food, vet expenses, and transportation costs are always welcome. Please see our sponsorship options and Thanks!

Are you aware that:

Volunteers and foster homes are our greatest need? Our rescue extends help to Malamutes in 5 states - Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Nevada and we work closely with the Mal affiliate in UT. That is a lot of ground to cover, and we need volunteers in all of those states to join our rescue efforts, even if it is just to provide identification of dogs in shelters or to help coordinate the transportation of a Mal to safety. Imagine the difficulty and expense it takes to secure the safety of a dog 12 hours from the nearest available foster home. Daunting indeed, but we do what we can. While we rely on other rescues for some of these needs in other states, the best people to help Malamutes are people who live with them and understand the breed. Please let us know if you can help. You will never regret it. Email us if you would like to help!

We have been using our Facebook Page quite a bit for communicating with our friends and volunteers. Please visit our Facebook Page and say hello.

We also have a closed Adopter's and Supporter's Facebook Group you can join once you have adopted or volunteered with us.

Read our Rescue! - Behind the Scenes page to get a feel for the rescue process.

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Many Thanks to Our Current and Past Volunteers, Donors and Supporters!

  • Lisa and Joseph Aguilar - in honor of Dex
  • Alaskan Malamute Assistance League
  • Steve Alsup and Lindsay Reynolds - in honor of Cody and Nakita
  • William Angle
  • John Arambarri - in honor of Kobuk
  • Janet Axelson
  • Ben Barnett
  • Stephanie & Will Barnett - in honor of Aspen
  • Gail and Buc Birdsong - in memory of Kachina and Boomer in honor of Ishka, Bella and Sassy
  • Tina and Steve Bierwag and family - in honor of Titan, Clash and Pooh Bear
  • Stephanie Bolster and Jason Adams with the Pocatello Pet Lodge
  • Angela Brown - in honor of Max, Mallie, Lola, and Wolfie
  • Charles (Keefer) Brumbach and Erin - in honor of Sera and Kobuk
  • Colleen Buchanan - in honor of Amadeo
  • William Burke
  • Lorran and Steve Carlston - in memory of Misty and Lola and in honor of Mya and North
  • Carli Lyn Chesebro
  • Converse family - in memory of David Gittelman
  • Elizabeth & Kevin Copp - in memory of Bandit and Rocky and in honor of Shania, Savina, Zeus and Miley
  • Ray Crabtree
  • Mark Davidson - in memory of Thorin Oakenshield and in honor of RA and Isis
  • Kay and Bill Dougall - in honor of Koda
  • Mary & David Dudley - in memory of Baritone, Tundra and Gus and in honor of Rosa
  • Sandi Evans - in memory of Kodiak and in honor of Mandy, Cheyenne and Dakota
  • Leah Evans-Janke and Scott - in honor of Malcom and Liam
  • Ed Falla and Darla Brown - in memory of Woozle and Pooh Bear and in honor of Moxie
  • Nina and Tyler Falkner - in honor of Lady and Aspen
  • Jennifer Fisher - in honor of Jack
  • Katy Flanagan and Gary O. Grimm - in memory of Noutchka, Jude, Geita, Kodi, Aspen, Grizzly Bear, Shasta and Tasha and in honor of Stony and Kimi
  • Melissa & Joe Gallegos - in memory of Sage and in honor of Kona and Lynx
  • Michelle Gamroth - in memory of Kenya and in honor of Bandit
  • Maren and Racer Gibson - in memory of Denali and in honor of Isis, Chubbuk, Mohinder and Zilla
  • Ed and Connie Guthrie
  • Grant Hendren and Jaclyn Pierce - in honor of Akele
  • Anna Hinman
  • Kristina Howell - in memory of Honey and in honor of Jack, Bailey and Sasha
  • Erica Husse and Bruce Jackson - in honor of Truckee and Bruneau
  • Lori Hutchinson - in memory of Farley and in honor of Champ and Kip
  • Debra Jakobi - in honor of Si and Malika
  • Lorrie Jensen
  • Eva Marie Junker-Pederson
  • Stephen H Peters - in honor of Denali
  • Harriet and George Lavinter
  • Diane Long - in honor of Sasha
  • Donny and Bob Loux - in memory of Gus and Rasta and in honor of Theodore and Che
  • Heidi K. Lovell - in honor of Tanqu
  • Kevin Lyon and Jess Salo - in memory of Bella and in honor of Isis and Cash
  • Amy Martin and Thang Le - in honor of Marley and Kodi
  • Zach McCoppin
  • Linda McCoy and John Yankeelove - in memory of Polar and in honor of Sonora and Skye
  • Jeanne McKinney
  • Charlyne McNeely - in memory of Thomas McNeely
  • Vicki Meluso
  • Kasey Merkley and Family
  • April Minas - in honor of Kodi
  • Bruce Murdoch - in honor of Mister
  • Mark O'Brien - in honor of Lucy
  • Karin Overbeck - in honor of Tiva, Chinook and Luke
  • Katherine Patrick - in honor of Keeko
  • Judy Paul - in honor of Minidoka Red
  • Tanra Paulin - in honor of Takoda and Kianna
  • Bayley and Alan Phillips - in memory of Casey and in honor of Koda
  • Lynn Porter - in honor of Hanna
  • Chip Powers - in memory of Sebastian and in honor of Lucas and Willow
  • Fredell and John Qualls - in memory of Griz, Nick and Dolly and in honor of Kiva, Yahnai and Tiffany
  • Kelly Ragland - in honor of Stella and Harley
  • Larry and Charleen Richeson - in memory of Sugar
  • Jenni Robinson and Brian Chaffin - in memory of Sasha and in honor of Koda and Jack
  • Velvet Rogers - in memory of Wyatt and in honor of Bandit and Brenna
  • Michael Schmitt
  • Chris and Chrissy Stacee - in honor of Thunder and Glacier
  • Yvonne Stevens
  • Trista and Matt Stout
  • Kristy Taylor
  • Mary Thompson
  • Niki Tischhauser and Andy Williams - in memory of Thor and Zoe and in honor of Lula, Elvis and Daisy Mae Clementine
  • Jeff and Linnea Walter - in memory of Levi and in honor of Prima
  • Chuck and Chris Walter - in memory of Sam and Wanda
  • Suzie Walter - in honor of Denali
  • Jon Waraas
  • Jenna Widmer
  • Sarah Jane Wilson - in honor of Tucker, Gunny and Luke
  • Carolyn Wold - in honor of Emily
  • Beth Workman - in memory of Ruby and Toby
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